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Introduction to House RegenerationIf the idea of a drug rehabilitation center causes you to experience fear, intimidation or previous disappointment then you will find it refreshing to know that we never set out to be just another “drug rehab“. Our goal is to run a comprehensive discipleship training program that teaches people how to experience a complete and lifelong change from any life controlling condition that they might be suffering from.


We are a collective group of people that have literally been there and done that. From our founding director right down to the kitchen help we have faced the struggle of addiction in our own lives and can testify to decades of freedom. It is our conviction to share this experience with others in a practical and accessible way.


We approach bondage and addiction with a realistic approach. We offer cutting edge education in the area’s of belief modification and understanding. We equip our students with the tools necessary to understand why they do what they do and patiently teach them how to bring themselves in-line with Gods loving word.


We do NOT believe in “Once an addict always an addict”, nor are we ashamed of our past but rather we are proud of our futures. Its our wish that each and every person who suffers from addiction or depression finds the same love and forgiveness that has regenerated our lives forever.


Our practical approach to holistic therapy is unique in the way that teaches our students to understand their belief system and re-align it with the word of God.
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    Drug Rehabs and why they dont work: Tired of hearing the same old ``professional`` advise that never seems to work? These are our views on why drug rehabilitation centres do NOT work:

    The problem we face with drug rehabilitation centres:Drug addiction can lead to physical and mental disease and yet is not a disease of the brain. This should lead us to the common knowledge that the medication administered by secular drug rehabs or psychiatrists alone cannot cure it. Although many drug rehabs offer secular psychology programs that address mental and emotional issues they are still only addressing part of problem which is root of this “unexplainable” epidemic called addiction.This leads us to the question “What is drug addiction?”.
    Addiction is symptomatic of a person’s core beliefs which are formed by a variety of influences including parents, social and cultural networks, education, friends, media and religious beliefs.
    In Dr W.A. Krige’s book “What if rehab fails” Dr. Krige says:

    “Part of the problem we are going to discuss regarding the poor performance in most treatment programs, lies with this tendency to downplay the seriousness of dysfunctional behaviour by terming it with words which do not describe the harsh realities it causes.”

    He also goes on to explain that the un-scriptural humanistic beliefs that are taught in secular drug rehabs has moved the focus from the absolute of truths of the Bible and replaced them with a post- modern world-view promoting relativism, humanism and many other forms of human philosophy. All this is done in the name of embracing tolerance and unity of faith.

    In order to overcome addiction it is important to undertake spiritual reflection, address your beliefs and understand where they have come from. At House Regeneration we use an effective faith-based program which focuses on bringing out self-destructive beliefs to combat dysfunctional behaviour and addiction.

    The Bible teaches that faith in Jesus can result in a new man with a new mind and nature. Our experienced and compassionate staff are trained in Biblical Therapy and use faith, the Bible and first hand experience to offer guidance and hope to people suffering from addiction.


    The backbone of our extensive curriculum is presented by Dr Krige personally. It contains 4 major subjects namely; Biblical Therapy, Habits of the Mind, Empowering the Mind, New Beginnings.

    The vision of House Regeneration was never to become just another drug rehab but rather offer a comprehensive discipleship training program. Our goal is to teach anyone who has suffered from addiction how to fully understand why they do what they do and how to bring their own belief systems in line with the Word of God.






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    Meet the team

    Our team of supportive and compassionate staff in our dedicated drug rehabilitation centres have over 60 years of combined experience in dealing with addiction issues. We have helped scores of people to successfully overcome addiction to alcohol and drugs by using ground breaking faith-based treatments to deal with psychological, emotional and spiritual issues.

    Dr W.A. Krige

    Founding Director

    In 1985, 24 years before the birth of the first regeneration centre, Ado started working with drug addicts in the streets of Pretoria. Over the next two decades his vision would reach out to thousands of people of all ages, nations, creeds and colour suffering from substance abuse throughout Southern Africa. Ado wanted to share with others the good news of how he had been set free from his own drug addictions, and was fully convinced that this news would be able to break the chains that holds many in bondage today…..


    Annatjie Krige


    Annatjie, an Occupational Therapist (T.U.K.S.) and Biblical Counsellor (Therapon University) by qualification, together with her husband Ado, is a proprietor of House Regeneration. Annatjie, aka Ma (mom), acts as the student’s spiritual mother during their stay here at House Regeneration. With much patience and love, Annatjie will keep a detailed watch over the progress of the student in the program. She is always organizing fun and therapeutic events, outings and functions to include into our program.


    Helene Jacobs

    Administration and Finance

    I have been a stay-at-home mom for all of my children’s pre-school and primary school years. It was only after this busy period that I have moved into the Educational fraternity, where I have been a Personal Assistant/Office Manager for about twenty years. Although I haven’t been here long, I thoroughly enjoy the environment at House Regeneration, because I am a people lover and just LOVE to see things happen around me.



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