What is Addiction?

There are two main answers to this question. One is secular the other Biblical.

Humanistic World-view.


In the secular recovery industry, people might have many different points of view on addiction. Through brainwashing by the pharmaceutical industry most people are now convinced that it is a disease in the brain or some genetic defect. Some people might only see it in the abuse of drugs and other substances. Others might include gambling, pornography, work, sport and any other obsessive compulsive behaviour.

Addiction leads to Depression.

The persons’ inability to overcome their addiction leads to anxiety and depression. Depression is also viewed as a mental disease which is not scientifically true. There is very big danger in the latter view as people will seek medication to try and cure their emotional condition. Addiction to prescribed drugs merely replaces addiction to street drugs. When people enter into secular rehabs, they are normally placed on several drugs such as anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, mood stabilisers, sleeping tablets, pain tablets and often anti-convulsion to prevent epileptic fits. These drugs are so strong that cravings for the street drugs are eliminated. Guess what happens next?

Cycle of addiction and depression.

Most of the time the depression deepens and so stronger drugs or dosages are prescribed. By the time the patient leaves the program which is seldom longer than 6 weeks, because the medical aid stops there, he/she is addicted to prescription drugs. These are much more expensive than street drugs. Guess what happens next?


Where is the solution? Strictly speaking there is none, that is why the success rate is so dismally poor; between 2-5% for poly-drug use and less than 1% for heroin and crystal meth! Hence the high incidence of over dose and accidental suicide.

Biblical World-view

The solution is found in the Bible. The Bible describes addiction as bondage to sin. The term sin describes any and all deviation from God’s will for us. God is Truth and any deviation from His truth as recorded in the Bible, causes us to sin. Sin therefore contains 6 D’s which are;

  • Doubt, 
  • Deviation,
  • Deception,
  • Denial,
  • Delusion and if you stay on this path it finally ends in Destruction.


If one turns to God along the path by changing your mind to agree with Him, you receive Deliverance.


All sin was paid for by Jesus Christ on our behalf so that our faith and trust in Him breaks the Bondage of sin. Once we confess our trust in Jesus, God empowers us by putting the Holy Spirit in us. In Biblical Therapy we take our students through the process of identifying the lies they believe that lead to sinful thoughts, darkened emotions and destructive behaviour. Then we teach them God’s will for their thought life and belief system.


Finally they become addicted to living a God- inspired life style through the Holy Spirit. At House Regeneration people become addicted to Jesus Christ.

2 Mar 2021


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