Tell me about TLC!


What is TLC?


  • In this phase, the student is under lockdown. This means that they are supervised in an enclosed area with all their facilities required inside, i.e. Pool Table, Table Tennis, Outside Courtyard, etc. They start out with a Grace period allowing them to adjust, rest and find emotional stability before starting with the programme. This is followed by a minimum of twenty-eight (28) days under total lockdown. This is done to isolate new students from bad influences, giving them time to adjust, learn the routine and rules of the programme in a safe and secure environment. They receive a lot of “Tender-Loving-Care” from staff and students-turned-prefects. These students have successfully navigated the initial few months of their programme and are in the ideal position of guiding and mentoring new students.


May I phone a student while they are in TLC?


  • We have found that the students are very emotional and sometimes even very angry during this period. As such, we do not allow the student to have contact with anyone outside of House Regeneration during this period. You are more than welcome to phone or WhatsApp the staff to check in on the Student’s progress. You will also regularly receive Student Evaluation Reports to keep you informed of the Student’s progress.
  • After the student’s initial six (6) weeks: – refer to the Call’s FAQ for further details.


How long does TLC last?


  • The student is afforded a GRACE period for an initial couple of days while on the program to make detox easier and to adjust. This period is based on the type of addiction:

> Behavioural Issues: Zero (0) days

> Alcohol Addiction: Three (3) days


> Prescription Medication: Three (3)

> All Drugs excluding Heroin Three (3) days

> Heroin: Ten (10) days


  •  Grace is followed by the standard TLC period that lasts a minimum of six(6) weeks. However, this period can only start once the student has quit smoking.
  • The student also uses this time to study for and write their Master Outline and Rules tests.
  • So to calculate the student’s TLC phase we apply the following formula: Grace + days smoking (maximum two(2) months) + six(6) weeks + the number of RC’s given due to behavioural issues + any additional time required to pass the tests if they were not completed within the initial period.
  • You do not have to worry about calculating these days – we will let you know of the progress and as soon as the student is promoted to the second phase.


May I visit a student in TLC?


  • Refer to the visitation rules


What about smoking?


  • If the Student smokes when he is admitted to House Regeneration, we will allow him to continue smoking for a maximum of two(2) months. During this period, he will be weaned of cigarettes. The student will be allowed to smoke three (3) times a day. Typically, after each meal but the schedule will be dependent on the planned daily activities. The Student needs to be clean for a minimum of five (5) days and test negative on a smoke test before he/she can proceed to Top House


May I bring or give food or sweets?


  • Students in TLC are not allowed to have coffee, tea, sweets or snacks. This may sound harsh, but we need the Students to want to progress from TLC to Top House as quickly as possible.
  • It is also natural for an addict that is detoxing to crave sweets and sugar, but sugar increases the cravings and makes the withdrawal process so much worse.
  • We also guard against the student replacing a current addiction with a food addiction
  • We do allow the Student to purchase sparkling water, one luxury item like a chocolate or cooldrink and Morvite from the tuckshop. Morvite mainly consists of sorghum, which is nutritious and makes for healthy dietary supplement. It is gluten free and contains a lot of dietary fibre helpful in digestion and making you feel fuller. Addicts, typically are underweight when they enter the programme, depending on what type of drug they favoured. We encourage the Student to use Morvite to bulk up during the initial stages of the programme


What about detoxing and the weaning of prescription medication?


  • If you have any questions about the detoxing process, or on how we wean students of prescription medication, i.e. Anti-depressants, mood stabilizers or sleeping medication, please phone the office and we will have the staff member in charge of medication discuss your child’s/family member’s custom medication schedule


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