Help save Farm Regeneration

a) The only debt we have are the two monthly payments to pay off the game farm.


b) Due to Covid and the construction at House Regeneration, we had a substantial drop in students which affected our income.


c) Our savings accounts are depleted.


d) We do not want to sell, as the final stage for students on the farm is too valuable.


e) The total settlement amount is R3 028 200 with monthly instalment of R70 000.


f) Our finances are managed by Extreme Freedom Foundation a NPO registered and annually audited by SARS. Section 18 Tax Benefit certificates can be issued by donors who own businesses.


g) For further enquires email Dr Ado Krige at


Save Farm Regeneration!

House Regeneration consists of (3) three main facilities.  Each of these facilities are geared towards the student’s specific needs during the different phases of their recovery.


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    Bank Details:


    Extreme Freedom
    ABSA Cheque Account
    4052 005 339




    Proof of Payment:


    Helene Jacobs