Christian Regeneration Centres

The Bible is sufficient.

A Christian Regeneration centre operates only on Biblical principles. It does not recognize human philosophy or secular psychological principles in terms of human behaviour. Neither does it use psychiatric drugs to treat mental diseases that do not exist. It does not employ diagnostic principles such as contained in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. In a Regeneration centre emphasis is placed on disobedience to God as the main cause for our darkened emotions and subsequent dysfunctional behaviour. The only authoritative reference manual is the Christian Bible. It contains everything that humans need to correct their thinking, feelings, beliefs and behaviour. Because it is sufficient in every way it may not be integrated with other belief systems.

Discipleship Training

As a group of Christians that believes in the power of Gods Regeneration in us we have formed a discipleship training centre for people who are addicts (drugs, porn, anger, gambling, depression and everything in-between). Because of our extensive experience in dealing with addiction issues we know that by teaching young (and often not so young) adults about their new identity in Christ they are able to overcome all the complex and life controlling issues that have led them on this dead end road that they are on. It has never been our intent to open a drug rehabilitation centre (in the secular meaning) that only addresses a symptom of addiction.

Changing Mindsets.

A disciple is a “learner,” “follower,” or “adherent” of a particular leader such as Jesus or even a particular teaching such as Regeneration. We pair over 30 years of experience and research to address all the false mindsets and habits that keep people from realizing their new beings in Christ. It is never an easy road when you want to bring about change in your life and its even harder when you want to change for the better. We do however know of a road that is filled with hope for the hopeless, strength for the weak and an end that leads to glory.

All it requires for a person to realize their weakness and become a disciple of Jesus Christ and allow Him into their lives to bring about true regeneration.

Honouring God

Once a student is born-again in a Regeneration centre and he/she voluntarily lays off mind altering drugs such as anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, tranquillizers, nicotine and so forth, they enter into the second phase of the program. This entails the total renewal of their thinking and belief system, using the Bible based curriculum especially designed for this purpose.  The end purpose is to empower each disciple with the desire to never stop studying the Word of God for the rest of their lives and to seek God’s wonderful promises with the view of realizing their fulfilment on earth.  When others see the change in us they will want it as well.


This is the way to honour our Father in Heaven. 

2 Mar 2021


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12 Jul 2021


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5 Jul 2021


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28 Jun 2021


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