Is a student allowed calls?


  • A student is not allowed to keep their phone or laptop on the program. As this poses a danger to the student and other when they contact ex friends, bad influences and even drug dealers
  • Each student is assigned a fixed call slot on admission. AFTER the initial six weeks the student is allowed to receive calls.  Check the support group every Monday for the latest schedule – reference the colour coding to understand if the student is allowed to receive calls.


What number do I use?


  • Men’s farm : 083 259 2888
  • Lady’s farm : 012 819 1540


What are the rules for calls?


  • Only people on the approved call list will be allowed to contact the student. If you have someone that needs to be added to this list please send a formal request from the sponsor via the WhatsApp group
  • Calls are always monitored as such we request the call to be either in English or Afrikaans. The staff member that supervises the call will terminate the call when the student or the person calling is in breach of HR rules – please see the list of these rules below
  • The student is allocated a 15-minute call slot. Within this timeslot he/she is allowed:

> 1 call of 10 minutes from the family or someone on the approved contact list or

> 2 calls of 5 minutes each. If you feel the call must be split between family members could you, please arrange between yourselves who phones first

  • The student has the same schedule that you receive each Monday via the Support Group. As part of the program the student needs to learn to take responsibility – in life if you are late, you miss out on opportunities.  The same here – if the Student is not seated or waiting for their call then they miss out this week.  This usually only happens once.
  • If there is a failure due to a connection problem or due to an issue on our side we will do our best to reschedule


What topics will cause a phone call to be terminated?


  • Any aggressive or manipulative behaviour, including swearing or threats. This rule is applicable to both the student and the caller – we do not allow manipulation of any form as this may cause emotional strain and a break in a relationship.  Call’s are supposed to be uplifting and to support reconciliation for broken relationships.
  • Any discussions around program end dates or durations. Any student will get to a point in the program where they want to exit because they don’t like the strict structure or because they believe they are healed.  This type of communication may cause a strain on a sponsor and may also be without basis or truth.  Thus these type of conversations are done via the office.
  • No demands or requests for Tuckshop Money or brand name clothing are allowed. All student have an “I deserve”…” “You must….” “Give me” demanding mindset initially.  This mindset must be broken.  Love does not come with a monetary tag, and appreciation for money must often be re-taught as we lose this appreciation while in addiction.


What about international calls?


  • If you are phoning internationally, we will assist with WhatsApp call to keep costs down
  • You are allowed a video call but if you struggle with reception we recommend changing to a normal voice call
  • This is done via the staff member’s phone supervising the calls so the number that you use will change weekly – reference your family group


What about calls for children?


  • If a child is younger than 12 years we allocate an additional call slot for then each week
  • We allow a video call’s for children
  • We typically allow the student to speak their children (younger than 12 years) from week 2/3 onwards depending on certain criteria. Please speak to the office to find out if you qualify


May I call on birthdays?


  • This call will be made dependent on the progress of the student and also which phase they are currently in. Use the family group to enquire directly from the office and to ask for guidance


Here is an example CALL SCHEDULE


A separate schedule is posted on the Support group for the men’s farm, lady’s farm and Vaalwater


  • If the name is marked in orange then the student is facing consequences or a contact ban due to behaviour.
  • If the name is white then it is a normal Top House student that may receive calls.
  • If the name is marked in pink then the student is still in the no contact (6 weeks phase).
  • If the name is marked in green then:

> The first call for a student after moving to Top House is also marked in green just as a reminder for the parents

> The student is still in TLC but it is after their 6 weeks no contact so an arrangement as been made and you may call