Legalize and license the Bible for Psychotherapy!

Petition to Ministers of the Departments of Health and Social Development

We, the undersigned hereby respectfully, petition the above Ministers to recognize the need to amend current laws. We ask for  amendments to the Mental Health Care Act of 2002 Chapter 1.1 (xvii) and the Substance Abuse Act 70 of 2008 pertaining to Drug Rehabilitation Chapter 1. We ask that a Biblical Therapist be included in the Definitions and Objects of the Acts referring to “Mental Health Practitioner”.

We as Bible believing Christians have no registered Faith Based centers we can call upon. Current  laws forces us to make use of centers in which psychology and the medical models of therapy are prescribed. 

Both these models are contradictory to our Bible based faith.  Thus we are being deprived of our constitutional rights under section 15 Freedom of Religion, Belief, and Opinion of the Constitution of SA, 1966 Chapter 2: Bill of Rights.

We believe in regeneration of the human spirit not rehabilitation. Biblical therapy promotes the renewal of a belief system by learning life skills from the Bible. Faith in and obedience to the Word of God  heals dysfunctional and anti-social behaviour. The Bible teaches that man loves God first, then himself, his family and his neighbor. It produces a healthy family unit, a healthy community which promotes goodwill to all. Many instances of the faith based healing in the name of Jesus Christ have been examined and scientifically validated.

Under the above Acts we as Christians are being deprived of our right to trust in and obey the Word of God explicitly.  The Bible teaches on spiritual, mental, emotional, psychological and physical health and is sufficient. Many if not all psychotropic drugs prescribed in psychiatry are toxic to the human brain and forbidden by the Bible. The Bible defines these drugs as sorcery and witchcraft.

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