Top Drug Awareness Blogs: 15 Blogs to Help You Kick the Habit

If you’re hoping to quit your debilitating drug habit then you’ve certainly come to the right place.

There are many great blogs out there that give advice on quitting drugs; but they aren’t a patch on the drug awareness blogs we’ve collected for this list.

The following blogs are filled with personal stories of addiction, top tips on how to survive withdrawals and practical advice on how to quit for good.

Take a look for yourself:

15. Recovery Stories

Recovery Stories

This fantastic blog, founded by David Clark, the creator of the online recovery community “Wired In To Recovery”, features a variety of articles aimed at recovering addicts.

It showcases inspiring stories from people who have experienced drug problems first hand as well as the latest news from the world of drug rehabilitation.



This blog brings together some of the top experts from around the world to give you advice throughout the journey towards sobriety.

These experts include top authors, journalists, physicians, psychologists and religious leaders. It thus provides a wide range of perspectives and something for everybody.

Along with drug addiction the blog covers other dependencies such as food addiction and video game addiction, which is pretty exceptional.



The founder of this blog, Lisa Frederiksen, is a writer, consultant, motivational speaker and much more. She is also driven by her own personal experience of addiction.

What’s really great about this site is that it covers the problem of drug addiction from varied points of view, that of a mother, that of a lover and so on.

Breaking The Cycles is also great for keeping up to date with events surrounding drug awareness, something all former users should do.


12. Sober Nation

Sober Nation

This blog has lots of practical advice that can be implemented in your daily life. For example, you can learn how to stay sober at a concert or how to talk to those around you about the recovery process.

All of the articles are well thought-out and very insightful. Rather than talking about abstract theories related to recovery, the blogs get right down to the nitty gritty, talking about what it means to suffer from an addiction.


11. Addiction Today

addiction today

As well as giving guidance to those caught up in the perils of addiction, Addiction Today is a good read for rehabilitation professionals.

The site is very informative and often shares the latest news, research and information on drugs. You’ll also get a chance to read personal stories from former addicts and opinion pieces.

Addiction Today is run by the founders of Intervene magazine, Melissa Gordon and Mark Jones.



This blog acts as a thoroughly comprehensive guide to drug abuse and recovery. It was founded by medical doctor and addiction specialist Steven M Melemis MD PhD.

It begins by answering all of the questions that an addict at the start of their journey (or a family member) might ask, which is very useful indeed.

As you read further articles you’ll find lots of constructive advice on how to kick a habit and keep on coping.

8. Addiction Blog

Addiction Blog

This site has a great eye-catching design, that’s the first thing you’ll notice.

All of the site’s contributors are trustworthy professionals, or even industry leaders, in the field of addictions and the treatments thereof.

Articles highlight the way in which drugs can affect your health and body


7. AllTreatment


The articles on this site span a huge range of categories from medical advice to drug news to research to the war on drugs. It is essentially an all-rounder for drug awareness.

The articles about drugs in the digital era are an intriguing and modern touch. And the guides and resources are very useful for those trying to help out a loved one or those entering a drug programme.


6. Recovery Connection

Recovery Connection

This blog has some really handy guides for you to make use of and information on self-assessment.

Many of the articles focus on heart-warming personal stories from former drug-abusers, which can really help make you feel like you’re not alone.

It covers the basics and more in-depth discussions of recovery techniques including faith-based recovery – what more could you want?


5. LoveToKnow Recovery


The focus of this brilliant resource is to provide all kinds of people with information that they know they can trust.

What’s refreshing is that the articles are really easy-to-follow, leaving out the complicated jargon that you might not understand or even need to know about.

It’s easy to relate to the blogs on the site, so if you’re a current or former drug user then it’s certainly worth a look at.


4. The Fix

The Fix

This site covers hard-hitting stories about current trends among drug-users. There are also fascinating features on celebrities who are going through drug problems or who have come out the other side.

But what’s really great about the blog is the section in which experts answer important questions from the site’s audience. This basically comprises an Agony Aunt feature, specifically on the subject of recovery.


3. Talk to Frank

Talk to Frank

This is a highly significant site because its main focus is reaching the youth of today who might not understand the ins and outs of drugs, addiction and recovery.

The posts are just brilliant. Many are interactive and put you, the viewer, in the shoes of a drug user in order to display how drug use can affect your mind, health and personality.

There are also lots of clear, fact-based explanations of different drugs. This feature could stop potential users in their tracks before they’ve even tried the drug.

2. ScienceDaily – Addiction News


ScienceDaily is an esteemed news site covering all things to do with science of course. The section covering addiction is what we’re interested in.

Visit this site if you want to hear the latest in drug use, addiction and recovery from around the world. It’s truly insightful.

Expect to read data and hard facts pertaining to the most recent studies and surveys on drug use.


1. Alcoholism.About – Drugs

about health

Although this page mainly focuses on alcohol addiction, there are also several articles on the subject of drugs from this well-trusted informational site.

Subjects cover commonly-used illegal drugs of all classes. There are lots of posts that outline the dangers and risks associated with each drug. It could provide a great reality check for users.

What’s more, the site could be helpful for those trying to identify a problem or addiction in themselves and others.