Great News!

Before I continue with the next blog on the history and development of the global Babylonian drug empire the following……..


Thank you to Warren and Luke and all who have assisted in updating and upgrading our website at It is really a great move and so much more interesting. I know there is still some tweaking to be done which will make it even more user friendly. Here is a quicklink…….


Warren the forum facility on the website is really a knock out idea which is going to get our present and past students rocking. I can already see the enthusiasm in the posts some people are making. Also  great idea to show the folks who are new-comers how easy it is to register and get going with their ideas. here is a quick link to get there……


Hey! everyone reading this! You must go check out the super cool newsletter Luke has put together. Great stuff my boytjie!  Here is a link to catch up with all the great news happening at House Regeneration……

Your Prayers.

Thanks to everyone who has been praying faithfully for this ministry! God has been so good! We have paid off the loan for the Lady Regeneration facility and once more we are officially debt-free. God was also with me during the operation I had to undergo and the growth that was removed out of my side is clean and gone. Complete recovery is quickly on its way and I have already had one very light session in the gym.

We are expanding!

Next year we will open the Lowveld Regeneration Center between Kaapse Hoop and Baberton. Check out the newsletter for updates. Our facilities are both filling up, we now have 82 students on the program. We are also saving now for a deposit on the Bosveld Regeneration Center which we hope to open not more than 150km north of House Regeneration within 12-15 months from now.