Adolf Hitler (1889- 1945) Mass Manipulator

To sift through the speculations, criticisms, real facts, conspiracies, myths and manufactured history of Adolf Hitler was no joke. I still cannot say that all that is posted here is accurate. One thing is for sure, the man made an impact on the world! What I want to focus on is the effect that the use of drugs had on Hitler and the German nation just prior to and leading up to the fall of the Third Reich. 

In 1932 Aldous Huxley wrote a novel called “Brave New World” It depicted the influence of a dictator who controlled his people by issuing a drug called “soma”. Years later in 1958 Huxley released an essay called “Chemical Persuasion”. In it he made the following statement; “That a dictator could, if he so desired, make use of these drugs for political purposes is obvious”.  More about Huxley in a later post, some interesting facts will emerge!

Psychiatrist Carl Jung speculated to journalist H. R. Knickerbocker in 1938 that Hitler “is the first man to tell every German what he has been thinking and feeling all along in his unconscious about German fate, especially since the defeat in the World War 1”.

Hitler understood the psyche of the German people. He was a sold out patriot and was awarded several medals for bravery after being wounded in WW1. When the German nation was on its back, due to the collapse of its German Mark and collective debt many times more than all its properties and assets, most of which lay in ruins, Hitler’s social reforms, did miracles. Although he did receive some funds from International Jewish moneylenders, Hitler was much shrewder than they. Read this bit of interesting history.

That Hitler was using and addicted to several drugs such as morphine, cocaine, amphetamine and meth-amphetamine towards the end of his dictatorship, is a well documented and historical fact. The diaries of his personal physician confirmed this.

It is no wonder that Hitler turned into a raving lunatic prior to his suicide. Any person who received daily dosage of injected meth would start becoming totally psychotic. However the Leader of the Wolf pack was not the only one on drugs! So where most of his footsoldiers, tank drivers and even pilots!

At the age of 12 young Hitler had a profound interest and connection with the drama’s of Richard Wagner the German composer of several opera’s. The influence of Wagner’s music on both Hitler and the German nation sends shivers up one’s spine, especially during the great rallies the Nazi’s organized. Here is a link to further explain what I am trying to convey. Go to the section “Wagner’s Influence on Hitler and the Holocaust”

Setting conspiracy theories aside, the rise and fall of Hitler conveys to us the picture of a drugged man allowing his mind and soul to be captivated by dark forces that sweep him up to superman status in the eyes of his followers. Their adoration and worship take them to the point where they are willing to hurl themselves at his command into sacrificial destruction. Hitler was a great experiment in social and national manipulation where drugs, music and psychological power played a critical part.   Does this not relate to the warning in Revelation 18 ? Hitler was just another pawn in the game of Babylon the great empire of our day!