Dope Incorporated! Who runs the international drug trade?

After the revelation I got from Revelations 18:23 my curiosity to understand what I had been involved with on a micro scale led me to do more research. I found that several ancient empires like the Aztec’s, Incas and Babylonians, and others to follow, where deeply involved in the use of plants and potions which formed much of their culture and belief systems. They were led by warrior Kings who in turn were led by prophets and priests. The use of these potions and hallucinogenic plants put the priests in touch with their “gods” and spirit guides who incited wars and plunder. The downfall and destruction of the empires was often caused by the moral and spiritual degeneration to the extent that child and human sacrifice became the high point of their religious feasts and festivals. It is obvious that history repeats itself as we shall see in the posts that follow.

A certain book crossed my path that accelerated the knowledge I was gaining in terms if a historical timeline of the drug trade. The book was called Dope Inc. Boston Bankers and Soviet Commissars.  This book was written by the Executive Intelligence Review and inspired by Lyndon LaRouche, a presidential candidate in his day. It was banned in some countries of the world as the research done by several agents worldwide exposed the true nature of a hidden government run by drug money within many nations of the world. It exposed the roots of this immensely wealthy organization and traced it back to Great Britain.   The book contains more than 560 pages of the most astounding international deals done by bankers, politicians, aristocrats, the Royal Family soviet commissars with all the evidence recorded so as to leave no doubt of its authenticity. The copy I still have was dated 1986 and much that was written in there seemed like conspiracy theories or fantasy stories. It is now 2014 and today a large portion of the information contained in Dope Inc. is well-established facts and available on the Internet.

During my visits to London what I at first read in Dope Inc. with amazement and disbelief,  in later years was confirmed as reality.  Much of what you are about to read is available in libraries as authenticated historical documents. Modern day Babylon is a hidden international empire consisting of a group of people who secretly still worship ancient cults and are preparing the world for a one world political, economic and religious takeover. They are preparing for the manifestation of the Biblical figure called the anti-Christ. They are furthering their cause with money funded by drugs, just as stated in Revelation 18:23.

Here is a brief timeline of its roots and development:,

It may appear as if this information is focused on only what has been exposed by the EIR but other books also became part of my collection written by investigative reporters. The eternal Brotherhood of Eternal Love, exposes what really went on behind the scenes of the Hippy Era. A member of the Brotherhood regularly paid us a visit in Cape Town to drop off a consignment of LSD on a barter basis for high quality Marijuana smuggled down the coast from Durban. I was part of the LSD distribution network at the time.

Then you may also want to read the extensive report called The Cocaine Wars, written by Paul Eddy and Sara Walden. Ben Whitaker also wrote a brilliant piece of investigative reporting called The Global Connection  .

Two other literary gems on my bookshelf is a collection of works by Aldous Huxley called Moksha. Writings on Psychedelics and the Visionary Experience 1931-1963. We will do some study into what he wrote in posts to follow.

Last but not least is Diary of a Drug Fiend by Aleister Crowley himself .

In the posts to follow we will endeavour to unwrap the diabolical plot of Satan for world dominion through the use of drugs. All I am hoping to do is too stimulate the readers of these posts to start doing some investigation of their own as to what is really happening to this generation and the ones to come……..hopefully?