Exposing the Babylon (global) Drug Empire

Few people realize that God speaks about drugs in the Bible. As a Bible student I was rudely awakened to the fact when as a back-slidden pastor I landed in jail in 1984. I had been free of drugs for more than 6 years during which time I did a lot of outreach work through the Invisible Church. Due to a lot of pressure in my life and also because I was bankrupt I turned back to dealing in drugs. At a very critical point God had me arrested. While in solitary confinement and after the Drug Squad gave up on me because I refused to give them any information, I got a specific Bible I requested. I was seriously seeking answers to my messed up life. In various places the words sorcery, divination and witchcraft got my attention. I believed at the time that God was giving me key Scriptures that would help me understand my situation. I noted these Scriptures and was particularly interested in Revelation chapter 18.

The entire chapter speaks of a global empire that would exert its influence over all nations, their governments, kings, including masses of ordinary people. This empire called Babylon, would enrich its merchants to the extent that they would have fleets of ships carting their products back and forth and every conceivable product would be at their disposal, including the souls and bodies of people.

In the beginning of the chapter God calls his people out and then instructs them to retaliate against this demoniacal kingdom. Later on He speaks of the judgements He calls out over her and her music industry. This is also important to note as you will see how the music industry is used to promote modern day Babylon in posts that are to follow.

The most important key Scripture to note is verse 23 (c), which reads as follows in the MKJ;” For your merchants were the great ones of the earth; for by your sorceries all nations were deceived.” At first I did not understand this until I got my hands on a Greek/English Bible Dictionary. The word used in the original language was pharmakea from which we have the derived English words, pharmacist and pharmaceuticals. I knew from my own experience with all sorts of drugs how magical and deceptive the world becomes once the chemicals start interacting with your own brain chemicals. Suddenly I realized what I had really been involved with and my research began taking on momentum.

Some of the information is now readily and easily looked up on the Internet. This revelation hit me in the beginning of 1985 when libraries containing very few books on the subject where the only secular source for research. Over the next few weeks I will share some of the information with you so that you can understand why we practice only Biblical Therapy. Please share this with as many people as you can for there are masses who have already been sucked in and brainwashed by Babylon! They deserve to at least hear the truth even though they may not believe it!