Historical Meeting

The meeting held yesterday was very significant and of great importance to the well being of our future generation in SA. The ravishes of drug abuse across and among all racial and cultural boundaries has become evident. Crime has increased exponentially and our Police Services seems to have lost the battle due to too many factors, some of which we do not wish to say too much. Drug money brings with it the promise of quick wealth and due to the enormous profit margins, the power to buy protection from prosecution. In short our Government needs all the help they can get. Their appeal has gone out on many occasions albeit it sometimes just to win votes.

In this meeting yesterday we looked at the Biblical response to the drug situation and what God requires from us as Bible believing Christians. To this effect a temporary committee was put together to develop a national strategy  to augment what Government is trying to achieve through the National Drug  Master Plan. It was agreed with one accord that this is what God wants us to do.

We do have a few obstacles that need to be addressed and overcome by way of current laws in place, with relevant rules and regulations that do not recognize and accommodate Biblical values and principles.  It is also well-known by most of you who follow our blogs and internet posts, that some officials have threatened us with closure and prosecution. To this effect we have written them asking for reversal of their written notices. If they do not comply we will go to the media and bring public opinion to put pressure on the Government for a change of heart. We have set a cut off date for them to retract their threats in writing by the end of this week. This debate with them has been going on since 2005 and it is time this very important issue finally cleared up. What is your opinion? either post a comment or drop me a line to ado@xf.co.za.