Momentum gained for Jesus

At 11 am 18 children of God convened at House Regeneration representing several million Bible believing Christians. A Biblical presentation was made concerning the global impact of drugs. Revelations 18 formed the basis of the presentation. It explained the times we are living in from God’ perspective. It also contains instructions  to the  Church at large concerning the actions to be taken against the Babylonian drug empire whicH is slowly but surely turning nations into drug invested and crime ridden strongholds of Satan. Revelation 18 also describes the judgments God proclaims against this kingdom of ill gotten wealth. In today’s terms this drug empire turns over $ 1.5 trillion in illegal street drugs and more than $75 billion in prescribed mind bending psychiatric drugs.  Today a committee was formed that will further God’s plan of action against drug lords and nations that harbour them. South Africa has become another nation enslaved by Babylon! Where do you stand?