God is Amazing!

This morning early I was on my knees as often is the case when the pressure gets too much. God has always come through for me in situations like this. Apart from the Government trying to give us uphill because we refuse to register as a rehab under a law that discriminates against our Biblical beliefs, there has even been a worse attack from someone who was part of our program. Instead of following normal communication channels to air grievances, this person decided to go public. No one is perfect, least of all me. Everyone who has heard me on radio and elsewhere giving my testimony of where Jesus saved me from, knows I have been a bad boy. But you know what, even among the bad boys there is loyalty and integrity. As the head of House Regeneration I take it very seriously when our centre and what we try to do is misunderstood and as a result criticised. Worse still when we are slandered and accused of things that have not been properly investigated and proven. Before one runs with a story it should be proven to be true and that is why we go to great lengths to keep our records up to date and have it verified by at least two to three people throughout our program.

This morning after prayer I read an article posted by an outlaw biker on their website. It was God encouraging me not to become despondent and give up. In this post it speaks about the dependence bikers in their clubs have on one another as brothers in arms. It speaks about covering each others backs in a confrontation or even a gunfight. It speaks about strife and back-biting and how that brothers should always be loyal to one another against outsiders. Never to hang out their dirty washing in public and how to settle strife even if it means physical punishment. Every means should be taken to correct the parties who have a serious difference by sorting it out within the club. These bad boys know far more about brotherly love than some Christians that have crossed my life. Maybe this is the reason why I have to work among and with the perceived rebels in life.

Anyhow, if I have said things to offend anyone’s religious views, please take the trouble to verify your understanding of the matter by checking it out in the Bible, and then please come and discuss it with me personally. I promise not to get violent.

Otherwise I want to thank every one who has been so encouraging in their e-mails. It is encouraging to know that there are several families who have benefited from the House Regeneration experience. Most of all I want to thank God for using such a strange medium to encourage me this morning. To my lovely wife and fellow warrior in Christ, Annatjie, be blessed on your birthday today. Thank you and all our family both blood and spirit in standing by me in this very demanding ministry.