Still free to Preach Jesus!

It is Monday morning and we are still open and free to preach the deliverance of Jesus Christ to all addicts. We had a  wonderful service yesterday morning in which parents/ sponsors and students praised Jesus for shedding His blood so that we can be free from all bondages of sin. The teaching from the Word centred around John chapter 15. Jesus was about to be arrested and tried for blasphemy against God. It goes to show how ridiculous the World system can become in its efforts to keep man in slavery. In the face of the coming persecution Jesus encourages his disciples to bear fruit by showing the love of God to one another and the world. Bearing fruit means to lay down one’s own selfish lifestyle so that God can use us to reach out to others. In our context it means to teach other ex-addicts who are on our program, to bring others to Christ who do not know of His love and power.

There can be no fruit unless we plant the seed found in the fruit. We have received the Seed God has sown into the Earth, which is the blood of Jesus. Blood contains life and all life comes from God. God is a Spirit and when a slave to the world system receives the Spirit of God he/she is born again. This is regeneration. This is what we preach and practice at House Regeneration.

The fruit Jesus speaks about is us. We are the fruit that He produces and we need to pass the seed He places in us, on unto others. We need to live the love of God by showing the love of God by telling others about the blood sacrifice which starts the process of Regeneration. What we do here differs vastly and entirely from what happens in secular rehabilitation centres. How can Government expect us to close down and shut up?

Not even death, never mind prison can do that! We have received Eternal Life through Jesus Christ and we will obey Him rather than a Government that is in confusion and corruption.

I openly want to thank every brother and sister in Christ who is standing with us in this battle against darkness. At present there are more than 1.8 million voices backing us up. If some of the other major Church denominations come on board we can show the World that this is still a Christian nation with Biblical values! I thank God especially for so many black Church leaders who voice their support for the cause of Christ in this matter.

Gal 3:27 For as many as were baptized into Christ, you put on Christ.  Gal 3:28 There cannot be Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is no male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

It is about time that the world acknowledges that Jesus is the same today as He was while on Earth. He heals all manner of sickness and disease and sets captives free from all manner of slavery and sin.

If you are a Christian and believe that the Bible is sufficient in Therapy and it is our right to preach and practice this truth, send an email to stating;

“As a Christian I protest the closing of House Regeneration on religious grounds. I support Biblical Therapy as a legal model.”