Legal Response to Department of Social Development.

  1.       We confirm that we act on behalf of:


1.1.        Dr A Krige;


1.2.      Freedom Therapy CC t/a House Regeneration



And request that all further correspondence in this matter to be addressed to        writer’s office.


  1.       Our clients denies that:


2.1.        The Act is applicable in re their activities;


2.2.        They are in contravention of the Act as alleged


4.1       Freedom Therapy CC t/a House Regeneration is a Faith Based organisation        Whom provides Faith Based Therapy activities;


4.2       We further draw your attention to our clients’ email dated 25 January 2014            that was sent to your office on the same day, more specifically, the letter attached hereto from the Minister of Health (Republic of South Africa) dated 14      June 2011 which confirms that the Act is not applicable on our clients.


5           Could you please as a matter of urgency supply to us the grounds upon which    you allege that our client should comply with the Act.


6           In the absence of any sufficient grounds to prohibit our clients to continue with   the activities; our clients will not comply with your notice:


6.1                     As it would not be in the best interest of the persons attending our clients’ facility.


7           Should we fail to receive your confirmation, in writing by close of business Today           30 January 2014, that you will not take any further steps in terms of the Act, we   will have no other option but to approach the High Court of South Africa, North      Gauteng, on an urgent basis to protect our clients’ rights.


8           We furthermore invite you to a roundtable meeting to discuss this matter.