Progress of our protest against Act 70 of 2008.

So far I have received 320 emails protesting against the closure of House Regeneration. Two church leaders who represent black churches delivered some 65000 representative signatures this morning to my office, with a few hundred thousand to follow. Nevil Norden promised the support of the Lewende Woord network. Rene Changuion the leader of Christian Motorcycle Association with their network are also on board. Rina Kruger the DA Parliamentary Rep. for Social Development is also on board. She will help us to fight for our own Law protecting us against persecution when we as Bible believing Christians minister to drug addicts.

Despite my warnings to several officials in Substance Abuse treatment as far back as 2004, this law was still promulgated and is now being used against me. I told them that it not only excludes the Church it is also promoting secular beliefs and mind bending psychiatric drugs. On top of that it is monopolistic because it protects the medical model and excludes Christian based treatment.

psychotropic drugs

Worse side effects than street drugs!

What about a Christian family who do not want their addicted child to be exposed to secular or psychological beliefs? According to this law they have no choice as to where he/she can go for Therapy. This Law secularizes all addiction therapy. Secular Rehabs charge Medical Aid fees which easily amounts to R10 000 per week. Some parents have even mortgaged their homes in order to pay for therapy which did not work!  They are desperate to save their children’s lives. Short term programs do not work so a 6 weeks program is the wasting of R60 000. After having been to several such programs some people are not only bankrupt but also convinced they can never come right. The answer according to psychiatry is stick them on prescription drugs for the rest of their life! That sucks! Prescription drugs are the worst mind benders of all! They lead to epileptic fits, schizophrenia, chronic depression, dementia and suicide! What kind of healing is that?

Our 12 month in depth discipleship training costs less! They come off all their drugs including cigarettes and get filled with the love of God through the indwelling Holy Spirit. This is what Jesus Christ paid for on the cross! As a ministry we are not allowed to advertise that Jesus heals drug addicts! This violates our constitutional rights in a democratic country! We will not stand for it!

I have been in jail before, as a drug addict and dealer! I will gladly go there again standing against drugs if that is what it will take to convince all Christians in this country to get involved in the war against this demonic power.

This vindictive action was started by a secular drug rehab just up the road and as far as I am concerned they are nothing but legal drug dealers! The Bible clearly states that there is no difference between illegal street drugs and the drugs manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. All drugs that alter the state of the mind fall in the same category and enslaves people.

Taking someone off heroin and putting them on methadone achieves nothing! That person merely becomes a legal addict and someone else is making money off their sanity and health. Enough said for now! God bless South Africa because we certainly need Him now more than ever!