I Protest the closing of House Regeneration

I protest the closing of House Regeneration

true love-text - SmlAs an ex-student from House Regeneration I protest against the closing thereof!!  For 11 years I was caught up in addiction!!! I’m one of the victims who went to one of the secular drug rehabs (Vista in Pretoria) in 2006 and became such a mess because of their way of treatment, developing another addiction, sleeping tablets and tranquillisers! Believing I will never again be able to focus without anti-depressants and also soothing me with thoughts that I don’t have to feel bad if I drink a sleeping tablet every night for the rest of my life because that’s “normal” for an alcohol addict, seeing that they NEVER recover without this kind of help!! In 2011 when I approached my Psychiatrist to help me again with alcohol abuse, he puts me in another Psychiatric facility in Polokwane, Unicare. And after asking him NOT to treat me with medication cause it messes me up even more, he INSISTS!! I always knew in the back of my head that ONLY a Christian type of program can help, I’ve heard of people that were FREE’d by God, but he’s reply: “It’s good to be a Christian but your “religion” is not going to save you!!!” So he put me on a lot of medication, tranquillisers, mood stabilisers, anti-depressants, sleeping tablets!! I started getting fits and suspected It’s the Epilim he put me on. I Google’d Epilim and found out that it was already SUSPENDED in America.  Went back to him and he said “It’s impossible”…..went for a brain scan, nothing wrong!!! I stopped the medication immediately!! And the fits STOPPED!!! But then I gave myself over to alcohol and the sleeping tablets which I could so freely get access to!! I was on the point of getting myself KILLED!!  To my rescue I landed up at House Regeneration in 2012 where Biblical Therapy was being used to get me healed, NO MEDICATION, I was off from my anti-depressants and sleeping tablets within 19 DAYS!!! I was FREE’d from all of my addictions by the power of God which works through the Biblical Therapy which learns a person new thinking patterns and reminding you who you really are and where you should go in life!! Today I stand clean almost 17 months!! I NEVER would have made it without this program!!! Rehabs that use other programs messes people up, it can cause brain damage if you’re not wake-up like I was and desperate to come right!!
Lindie Bezuidenhout
Cell 082 570 8485

I recommend House Regeneration for all addicts, It’s the only program that works!!!!

Lindie Bezuidenhout
Cell 082 570 8485


  • Elize Boemer says:

    I am Lindie’s mother and I can confirm her testimony
    I prayed for my child for 11 years and today I can only thank God who worked through House Regeneration to save her from all the addiction.
    I pray for this institution to be saved.
    Praise God!

  • Sandra Darier says:

    We are praying too. My son is busy going through the programme and I am so worried about it being too early for him to come home. Even though he is doing well I believe that a year is a good period of time to be away from the drugs.

    So glad you hear your daughters success story.

  • Salomie Coetsee says:

    Julle doen ‘n goeie werk. julle kan nie toemaak nie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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