Threatened by Department Social Development!

Injustice to Christian CounsellingYesterday a letter was served on me by a Mrs. WR Shabalala from the Gauteng Department of Social Development. It was a Notice of Enforcement in which we are notified that we are contravening Act 70 of 2008. The crime we are accused of is based on the fact that we are operating an in-patient treatment centre without being registered in terms of Section 19 of the said Act. Due to this contravention I can be imprisoned for a period not exceeding 12 months and fined. I refuse to comply with such a registration because it is in direct contradiction to;

  1. The teachings of the Bible
  2. The constitution of this Country which is to respect our religious beliefs
  3. The right to choose which treatment model a family member must undergo for addiction, depression, mental and emotional disorders.

This Act only makes provision for professional mental health workers to work with substance abuse issues. It prescribes a multi-disciplinary team including professionals who subscribe to a psychological and medical modality. We do not agree with this as the Bible is sufficient in addressing the issues related to all addiction problems. Placing addicts on prescribed drugs does nothing to solve the underlying problems that cause their emotional. mental and spiritual problems.  It is also in direct contradiction with the Bible as God forbids all mind and mood altering drugs.

If medical complications arise during their stay with us, we either take our students to a local Christian GP, or a local clinic, or a private Hospital, whichever their family prefer.

This Act also takes away the right for Christian Bible believing families to seek help from Biblically trained therapists. In fact this Act does not even acknowledge our existence.

After many discussions with various officials both verbally and in writing the Minister of Health concluded in a personal letter to me that we as a Faith Based organization do not fall under their mandate and that we must not stop our work in this regard. His letter was dated 14/6/2011.

This is really becoming a confused country; Some members in Parliament call upon the public to help them in the fight against drugs, then they release laws that say we can’t  while other members in Parliament say the laws are not applicable to faith based organizations and then the others threaten us with jail if we don’t comply.

God tells us to reach out to all people with the saving love of Christ and we know from experience that Biblical Therapy works miracles. If I have to go to jail for doing what I believe in then so be it!  This is not a drug rehab but a Bible based discipleship training centre. We just happen to have to deal with many people addicted to drugs and who have unsuccessfully been admitted to secular drug rehabs. It seems that these rehabs do not like competition from God in the marketplace. This Act favours them and therefore is also protecting their monopoly they enjoyed so far. Too bad, I am here to stay!

What is your opinion on the matter?



  • Sandra Darier says:

    All I know is that House Regeneration use the bible and the Lord to save lives! Their methods are tough but so are the demons holding our loved ones! I know that with drug addicts they have 3 choices: jail, death or coming clean. House Regeneration helps them to come clean, from everything – even the addiction of cigarettes. It must be a tough job but they send clean people out into the world! Thank you Regeneration House – keep up the good work.

  • Danie Bester says:

    My previous letter refers. I cannot believe that the government would meddle with a system that is proven and works.

    You have our support!

  • Melissa Oldham says:

    God is our Savior and nothing can come against or breakdown or destroy what God has structured and put in its place (for His specific cause and plan)!! Let them try, God has His plan in place… it might just show them how Glorious God is and that no man or government (for that matter) can rule over Him, Creator and King of Everything!! God knows how to save lives… all we need to do or be are His craft-tools in His masterpiece. Thank you Dr. Ado for being a "craft-stool" that saved My life (and many of my friends at House Regeneration) through the Gospel and Love of God. And thank you for standing firm in your purpose to save thousands more of our brothers and sisters. From the first day I entered the gates of Xtreme Freedom, I could feel, in my heart, that I was one step closer to my purpose in life and at that stage one step closer to living again after drugs had killed my soul. My first encounter with God was on 23 December 2011 (which happened while a Biblical Counselor read a scripture to me out of the Bible and Prayed to me -for the first time- under the trees of House Regeneration!) That spiritual seed was what turned me from drugs and saved my life 10 and a half months later when I continued my life out side of House Regeneration. I am now going for 3 years clean (22 December 2014, and so is my House Regeneration friend and colleague at our work place- Carike Moggee (ex Chrystal Meth addict- clean for 3 years on 19 Augustus 2014) thanks to the guide lines, people skills, Biblical classes and "LOVE"/ Godly-therapy we received at House Regeneration we have both reconciled with our parents and families and we can now start our lives over -GUILT FREE- and contribute positively to the people we come in contact with and to our Country. Biblical Therapy is the only way to go!! it’s the only way to cleanse your soul!!!! and renew your spirit!!!!! it IS the ONLY way to live again after having lived a dead life for a long time- lost in the bad circle of drugs. I pray that House Regeneration’s doors will stay open to welcome in all our lost brothers and sister and that they will be healed inside the protecting walls of House Regeneration. God Bless XF and House Regeneration!!!

  • diana walker says:

    I have followed your ministry for many years . Praise God for House Regeneration . God has set the captives free indeed through your work and I know HE will protect you and we will see a miraculous answer to this persecution

  • jack smit says:

    Just continue. Let them threaten. You just focus on your calling.

  • Ek reageer as: Dr Gideon Grobler om daarmee te kenne te gee dat ek, soos Ado ‘n opgeleide Bybelse berader is. ek doen dit in Afrikaans om daarmee te toon dat sy pleidooi nie bloot Engels sprekendes is nie, maar ook vir die Afrikaanse mense.

    Wil ons ‘n pleister op die seer plak of wil ons die seerplek gesond maak? Bybelse berading, ook vir chemiese afhanklike mense is op die lang duur die antwoord. Dit is bepaald nie noodwendig kits nie, maar volhoubaar.

    Dit is tragies dat ‘n land wat homself adverteer vir vryheid van geloof, agter die skerms wette maak wat dit teëstaan. Geen wonder daar is ook binne die wetgewer en departemente soveel verskil van mening nie. Skree dit nie ten hemele dat in die nie-christelike kulture, mense vryelik toegelaat is om ‘n toordokter (sangoma) te sien vir demoniese en ander lewensgevaarlike behandeling, maar Bybelse berading word verbied?

    Saam met Ado dring ons daarop aan dat hierdie wetgewing in hersiening geneem moet word om ook voorsiening vir Bybelse berading in hierdie verband.

  • Bob McKay says:

    TO DO IT!
    As you know brother Ado, I’ve been persevering with Government (all three Presidents), Education and Health Departments, including Ruling and Opposition Parties and society as a whole since 1994 with Highly Appraised Proven PREVENTION Programs for 3 of the biggest destroyers of bodies, minds, souls and lives!
    Their worse treatment towards me that remains on-going is their SILENCE, which after many meetings, proposals, faxes, e-mails and PROMISES, but I keep persevering by the Power and Leading of the Holy Spirit!

    In, for and with our Lord JESUS I know you too will continue Ado, focused on your Calling and His Leading alone. We are more than conquerors brother, trusting through faith, on His Word and Promises. You have my full support and that of many brothers and sisters in Christ JESUS too. Amen!

    You Ado and your loved ones remain in my thoughts and prayers…

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