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Have a Say – by Ado Krige

Slowly but surely we are becoming digitally educated. Getting web exposure is becoming more and more sophisticated and complicated for us “baby boomers”, you know the freaks from the 60″s. I am starting something close to the age of 64 which I hope to maintain until the good Lord returns. Speaking my mind will mostly contain issues I am dealing with myself as I travel through this crazy world that is punting the “New Age”. We have so much technology, and knowledge is increasing with quantum leaps yet International News keeps breaking with violence, catastrophes and weird and whacked out ideologies that has even the angels in Heaven guessing as to what we people are going to invent next for more evil.

Drugs and the abuse of it will feature greatly as this is the realm in which I am counseling others mostly. We are also in a phase of learning much about the interaction between body, mind and spirit. Although most of what we say and do has a Biblical reference, our discussions will also include other belief systems.Many deep thinking Christian apologists and philosophers have influenced my own beliefs but so too has secular, humanistic and occult stuff impacted on my psyche. I am blessed to have had a in-depth exposure to life in general but also to spirituality in particular. Jesus being my mentor and role model, I embrace all people with His love and acceptance and will do my utmost to introduce those I meet, whether in cyberspace or face to face, to Him. So let’s see where this takes us.I encourage readers to respond to what has been posted and to challenge our views, but let’s keep to civil decorum and keep the whit impersonal. We are what we think and what we say really reveals the content in the heart. Jesus so wisely put the religious hypocrites in their place with these words;

Mat 12:34 “You have minds like a snake pit! How do you suppose what you say is worth anything when you are so foul-minded? It’s your heart, not the dictionary, that gives meaning to your words.(The Message)

No one has been more controversial and challenging as Jesus Christ and though we want to influence and impact readers we will not seek confrontation or conflict for the sake of appearing different. We merely hope that some of His light will shine on us all through this.

PS. Speaking His mind cost Him His life for which I am so glad and grateful. His thoughts and words revealed what was and is in His heart, unconditional love, for us.




by Ado Krige