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House Regeneration - Combat Drugs
It has taken some time but with the help of a dear brother, Andre Liebenberg this blog has now come into being. Here I will be speaking my mind on issues relating to our work with people suffering from all sorts of mental, emotional, spiritual and other disorders and ailments.
South Africa is in the throes of a massive social upheaval since ’94 when the Nationalist Party accepted defeat from internal and external pressure. Being anti-political since leaving the Army as an Instructor who trained young men to fight in a senseless war, I hate party-politics. Nevertheless good changes and bad changes has taken place since then. People have become less colour conscious but also less tolerant of each other socially. Morality and the sense of right and wrong have gone down the toilet. Agh! lets not start down that road.
The people are all in trouble when it comes to family values, drug abuse and respect. One cannot just turn your face to the wall and shrug and walk away. The love of Jesus compels us to reach out to try and make a difference. Even if just one life changes because of faith, hope and love it is worth what money cannot buy.
When Jesus spoke His mind, His words reverberated through the area He travelled, and through history and it reached me in a concrete cell and changed my life. So I believe as I speak my mind some of His words will echo in your mind, reach down into your heart and you might change.
My mind is made up, to speak itself through this bit of cyberspace to echo the mind of Christ, who now lives in me. Where this blog space will take us I am sure is a better place than the world where the light of the mind of God has not yet reached. I hope the mind of Christ will become evident in the coming years while speaking up on issues we need to think on, discuss and find answers for. God bless all who join in on this journey.

by Ado Krige

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