What is the South African Solution to Addiction?

Standing with Government.

Our country has adequate laws to combat drug abuse. The only problem it is not enforced and there is too much corruption. We as citizens know this but say nothing. We need to stand up to the criminals and corrupt police. We need to insist on transparency in the courts and demand due punishment when officials in government are caught conspiring with criminals. Our President has called on all citizens to get involved. There is a National Drug Master-plan. There is a Central Drug Authority. Make sure you have representation on these vital structures. Make your voice known.

Community Forums.

  • Get involved with local drug action committee.
  • Start a local drug watch at your school.
  • Report dealer activity to us if you do not trust the local SAPS.

Bible Based Therapy.

Substance abuse and destructive lifestyles will increase. Our vision is to plant a House Regeneration training centre in at least every province in South Africa.Through our on-line National Biblical Counselling College we want to empower enough therapists and counsellors so that we have representation in every major town and city in SA. Seeing that secular treatment centres show such poor results, stand with us as we approach Government for full recognition of Biblical Therapy.

Local Family Support Groups.

We are also aiming at having Xtreme-Buddy support groups throughout the country. We will use websites and the media to spread the message that Jesus still does miracles and that He can and will deliver people from bondage to heroin, tik, anti-depressants and many other substances. Through applying Biblical principles any person can start a brand new life, become a winner and enjoy the kind of life God wants us to have.


God wants to bless us so that we can bring glory to His name. The solution for South Africa is turn every addict and dealer into a follower of Jesus.

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