If not rehab, what then? – Ado Krige


A book to make the case for the validity of government recognised and regulated Biblical Therapy and Counselling. Mental health experts are reaching consensus that the current treatment of substance abuse is treating the symptom and not the cause. We have learnt from the Bible that the root of the problem lies in the people’s belief systems. We are not a rehabilitation or drug treatment service but more an empowerment service to break free from any controlling habits.

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In association with Extreme Freedom foundation, which was founded by the author, is a registered Public Benefit Organization with SARS Tax exemption with the following objectives:

  • To establish a national network of Biblical Counsellors across all Christian denominations
  • To provide and implement drug prevention programs at schools that is supported by local Church denominations
  • To provide and implement Bible based empowerment programs to faith based drug treatment centres
  • To compile and provide resources for educators, parents and youth leaders regarding drug abuse and its relevant issues
  • To bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ who paid the ultimate price for the deliverance of all people afflicted with the curse of addiction

For further details and your involvement in this worthy cause please visit our website at www.xf.co.za

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