2023 Information Pack

Thank you for your interest in our program. The Name House Regeneration was chosen because we are a house away from home that uplifts and cares for all who are here. No other program can provide a student with the applied Biblical therapy knowledge that will allow for a new lifestyle and for the student to learn to take back control of their lives.

We have space available immediately. Included below is:

  1. House Regeneration Fees
  2. Why House Regeneration – why our program is unique


  • We are a one-year program with either a once-off or monthly payment option. The minimum payable term, irrespective of the duration that we are allowing is three months.
  • The only additional costs that will be incurred per month are the Tuck Shop (this budget is in your hands), and any other additional medical costs that could arise.



  • We do not accept medical aid.
  • Monthly payments are required upfront.
  • If the student is sponsored by a company, they will be given a Section 18A certificate for tax purposes.