Alcohol Rehabilitation

For many people alcohol can be present in their life without causing any problems, but for others alcohol dependency can be a crippling and devastating illness.

Alcohol is widely enjoyed with a meal, on a night out with friends, to wind down of an evening, or outside on a sunny day. It’s important to remember that alcohol is an addictive substance and that you should be on the lookout for signs of alcohol dependency in yourself and your loved ones.

People suffering from alcohol addiction may become inflexible in their drinking habits, prioritise alcohol above people or other activities, develop an increased tolerance to alcohol, or begin to suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

Alcoholism and continual heavy drinking can lead to a range of short and long term health problems including social problems, serious illnesses like heart disease, stroke and liver disease, and even death.

At Health Regeneration our alcohol rehabilitation centre uses faith and the Bible to give people suffering from alcohol dependency the strength and guidance that they need to gain renewed hope for the future.

Unlike secular treatment for addiction, faith-based alcohol rehab can heal not just the body and soul but the spirit too.

The Bible helps in the rehabilitation process as it continues to offer guidance and hope to individuals long after they have recovered from addiction and so can help to prevent relapse.

Our alcohol rehabilitation centre is run by a group of dedicated, experienced and supportive staff. We can help you to take back control of your life and find hope through faith and the Bible.