Here is the documentation that contains all the information you will need to admit a student into House Regeneration.

We offer a 12 month program. Due to the difficult current economic environment our costs has now been brought down to R6 500 \ month with an additional admission fee of R2000 upon admission.

Should you have any further queries regarding our admissions as well as pricing information please contact us on 012 808 0527, to send us a message click here:

Print and fill in:                                              Admission form

Download and sign next to all the X’s:          HR Agreement 2018

Debit order for students fee’s:                      HR Debit Order Form

List of required items upon admission:         List of Required Items

Fees:                                                             Fees 2018

All orders to be paid in full before your product will be shipped out. For more information contact our office at 012 808 0527 Dismiss