Our lawyer who met with the legal team who has been pursuing us to register under Act 70 of 2008 by order of SOCDEV in Gauteng, informed me that the heat is off for now. We will go into more detailed discussions some time in the near future with them  to iron out the exact issues in the Act that we cannot comply with as a Bible believing therapy and training centre. In the meantime we are opening our doors even wider and will continue to inform the public on the effectiveness of the Bible as a therapy handbook. Obviously Jesus our Lord is the person who does the miracles in setting people free from their addictions and destructive beliefs.

We have also decided that we are going to take a much stronger stance against the deception the secular centres are dishing out in terms of psychiatric drugs and the relevant psycho babble. It is time people are put in the position to make informed decisions about their mental health. We have linked up with an international group that not only exposes the lies in the mental health industry, they even take perpetrators to court.

We have great admiration for Dr. Szasz who heads up this organization as an advisor. We do not agree with the Scientology belief system that helped set this up, but we do agree with the video documentation they have published. You can go to the CCHR website and browse around there and you can even order their free information kit on line. http://www.cchr.org/

Thank you for all your prayers and support up to now and in the future. Come back to our articles page and stay informed about new developments to come.