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Freedom from Addiction

You do what you do because you believe what you believe!Contact us to find out why after more than 30 years of experience and research we can confidently say that Gods word is all you need to break the chains of addiction.
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Holistic Therapy Approach

Our team of supportive and compassionate staff in our dedicated drug rehabilitation centres have over 60 years of combined experience in dealing with addiction issues. We have helped scores of people to successfully overcome addiction to alcohol and drugs by using ground breaking faith-based treatments to deal with psychological, emotional and spiritual issues.
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Introduction to House RegenerationIf the idea of a drug rehabilitation center causes you to experience fear, intimidation or previous disappointment then you will find it refreshing to know that we never set out to be just another "drug rehab". Our goal is to run a comprehensive discipleship training program that teaches people how to experience a complete and lifelong change from any life controlling condition that they might be suffering from.
A Day @ H.R.Watch this short video to find out what a typical day at House Regeneration looks like. Our practical approach to holistic therapy is unique in the way that teaches our students to understand their belief system and re-align it with the word of God.
Dr W.A.KrigeAdo Krige is in the business of helping people throughout South Africa break the bondages of addiction and depression. With over 30 years experience in the industry, author of 2 books as well as a phd in biblcal therapy he a national authority in his field. Ado has been featured on national television, radio stations and printed media addressing the issues of addition during this time.
We're not just another drug rehabOur Approach

Power of Experience

We are a collective group of people that have literally been there and done that. From our founding director right down to the kitchen help we have faced the struggle of addiction in our own lives and can testify to decades of freedom. It is our conviction to share this experience with others in a practical and accessible way.

Power of Education

We approach bondage and addiction with a realistic approach. We offer cutting edge education in the area's of belief modification and understanding. We equip our students with the tools necessary to understand why they do what they do and patiently teach them how to bring themselves in-line with Gods loving word.

Power of Love

We do NOT believe in "Once an addict always an addict", nor are we ashamed of our past but rather we are proud of our futures. Its our wish that each and every person who suffers from addiction or depression finds the same love and forgiveness that has regenerated our lives forever.
Drug Rehabs and why they dont work:Tired of hearing the same old "professional" advise that never seems to work? These are our views on why drug rehabilitation centres do NOT work:
The problem we face with drug rehabilitation centres:Drug addiction can lead to physical and mental disease and yet is not a disease of the brain. This should lead us to the common knowledge that the medication administered by secular drug rehabs or psychiatrists alone cannot cure it. Although many drug rehabs offer secular psychology programs that address mental and emotional issues they are still only addressing part of problem which is root of this "unexplainable" epidemic called addiction.This leads us to the question "What is drug addiction?"

Addiction is symptomatic of a person’s core beliefs which are formed by a variety of influences including parents, social and cultural networks, education, friends, media and religious beliefs.

In Dr W.A. Krige's book "What if rehab fails" Dr. Krige says:

"Part of the problem we are going to discuss regarding the poor performance in most treatment programs, lies with this tendency to downplay the seriousness of dysfunctional behaviour by terming it with words which do not describe the harsh realities it causes."

He also goes on to explain that the un-scriptural humanistic beliefs that are taught in secular drug rehabs has moved the focus from the absolute of truths of the Bible and replaced them with a post- modern world-view promoting relativism, humanism and many other forms of human philosophy. All this is done in the name of embracing tolerance and unity of faith.

In order to overcome addiction it is important to undertake spiritual reflection, address your beliefs and understand where they have come from. At House Regeneration we use an effective faith-based program which focuses on bringing out self-destructive beliefs to combat dysfunctional behaviour and addiction.

The Bible teaches that faith in Jesus can result in a new man with a new mind and nature. Our experienced and compassionate staff are trained in Biblical Therapy and use faith, the Bible and first hand experience to offer guidance and hope to people suffering from addiction.

Drugs dont work
Drugs don't cure drugs
The backbone of our extensive curriculum is presented by Dr Krige personally. It contains 4 major subjects namely; Biblical Therapy, Habits of the Mind, Empowering the Mind, New Beginnings.

The vision of House Regeneration was never to become just another drug rehab but rather offer a comprehensive discipleship training program. Our goal is to teach anyone who has suffered from addiction how to fully understand why they do what they do and how to bring their own belief systems in line with the Word of God.

Final Phase:In the second phase of our program our students are called "top house students". Our last phase for the top house students is called the shepherding program. We thought you would like to hear from a few of our students that are in the last phases of their programme
– After all it is not about how you start the race its about how you finish it.
(Updated every 6 months).
The devil had a grip on me and I was on the midst of a heroin addiction. In and out of prison cells and courts, but thanks to Extreme Freedom and my Lord Jesus Christ, my life is more than blessed! Billy

Heroine & Dagga, Started July 2015

I started my program in June 2015. I was at my end and thought I had no more ways to stop. During my 10 months at house regeneration I have completely turned my life around.Delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Johnny

Cat, Started June 2015

Extreme Freedom has been a life changing experience for me! This place has taught me more about God and to own up to my neglect of our relationship. This process has changed my life and I believe that my next chapter in life will be a more positive one. Tshimangadzo

Dagga and Alcohol, Started September 2015

I can honestly say that I don't know what would have happened to me if I didn't come across this program. I will probably be dead if I continued using drugs in the way that I was.At H.R. I was taught life lessons and how to understand and accept Gods forgiveness. I was also taught about the healing power of the God Word. Once I gave my life over to Jesus everything changed, he saved my marriage, blessed me with a beautiful baby daughter, reconciled broken relationships, and forgave me my sins. Now I can finally say that I am free,I Know now that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens (Phil 4:13). A special thanks to the Krige family and the work that they are doing at House Regeneration. God Bless. Jacques (31)

Cat , Started Feb 2015

Before I came to House Regeneration I was completely lost. I struggled with a 10 year drug addiction and many other issues, but by the love of Christ I've been healed and saved. Now I know I can do anything through Christ that strengthens me and there is no challenge I can't face! Thank you Jesus and thank you XF! Schalk Grobler

Cat and Dagga, Started August 2015

House Regeneration has shown me how to live my life according to God's standards & principles. I now know what it means to have a relationship with Jesus and look forward to what God's will is for my life. Hannes Neethling

Crystal and Khat, Started April 2015

Since my arrival at House Regeneration I have gone from living a life of sin and damnation to living a life in Christ. The influence XF has had on building my life with Christ as my foundation and stepping stone was immense. It's not just an outcomes-based program, but the beginning of a lifestyle with Christ in me. Thank you Jesus for leading me here and on this path. Lee

Cat , Started May 2015

I had always known about God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus, but I never knew Him on a personal level. Here at H.R I met Jesus and accepted Him in my life as my saviour. The lessons I learnt here helped me understand my life better, and has been my starting point for a new identity in Christ. I will always be grateful for this lovely place! Roanne

Cat, Started May 2015

I would send anyone that has a life-controlling problem to House Regeneration. The program did me wonders for me and I'm completely new and better person! God healed all my relationships with my loved ones and the feeling of Him being on my side is amazing! Vince Janse van Rensburg

Cat, Started April 2015

I came here feeling alone and unloved, but God showed me I'm never alone and that He's been there every day of my life and loves me now and forever! Sarel

Cat, Started July 2015

I want to thank the Lord for bringing me to House Regeneration. Thank you XF for bringing me back into the light and where I have Jesus back in my life, walking with him daily. Drugs kills, Jesus heals! Mark

Cat, Started August 2015

House regeneration has truly facilitated God's work and power that has saved the broken and soul dead human being that I was. I never imagined the inner peace that I have now. Jesus has become my new addiction!By His love, through my family and loved ones I'm forever saved and ready to spread it to those in need. Marcel

Alcohol & Dagga, Started July 2015

House Regeneration

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